Gech Chhour

Gech Chhour

Property Manager - Office Manager

0402 373 312

Gech Chhour is a Property Assistant I Administrative staff I Accounts Payables representing Brian Homes - Sunshine.
Brian Homes - Sunshine has managed a hundred of rental properties throughout Vicrtoria.

Check to ensure all rental files are in a working order.
Check to ensure all rent payments are paid up to date. Otherwise, Gech will call to remind her tenants to pay rent 3 days before the rent due. If the rent is 1 day late, Gech & her rental department will send a late rent reminder letter.

Gech has a special management offer: first 4 months management FREE, landlords to make sure you mention this offer to Gech when you speak to her.

Gech takes landlords' phone call 24/7 and is always there when tenants and landlords need. For an expert advice on property management, please contact Gech Chhour on (03) 90121 1099 or 0402 373 312. Gech is bilingual, English & Khmer.

Strong property management skills
Strictly & Zero tolerance on rent arrears
Strong rental negotiation skills
Duty of Care to all Landlords and Tenants
Time and Money Savings for Landlords
Knowledge of Real Estate Laws.

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